Water Meter Installation on the Gold Coast

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Commercial and Residential Water Meter Plumbing

Are you in need of professional plumbing & water meter installation in the Gold Coast? Look no further than SJM Plumbing, your trusted partner in all things plumbing-related. With our team of skilled and experienced plumbers, we are here to ensure that your water meter installation is handled with precision and expertise. 

From standard water meter connections to separate water meter installations, our team has the expertise to handle it all. We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements.

SJM Plumbing specialises in serving a diverse range of clients, including real estate maintenance, residential, commercial, industrial, civil plumbing, and body corporate sectors. With our Gold Coast Accreditation, you can trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional service and reliable water meter installations tailored to your specific requirements.


Comprehensive Water Meter Installation Services

Residential Water Meter Installation

As a homeowner, accurate water metering is essential for managing your water usage and billing. Our team at SJM Plumbing understands the importance of precise measurements and efficient installation. Whether you’re building a new home or need to upgrade your existing water meter, our skilled plumbers will provide you with a seamless residential water meter installation. 

Commercial Water Meter Installation

For businesses and commercial properties, proper water metering is crucial to monitor water consumption accurately. SJM Plumbing specialises in commercial water meter installation for offices, shopping centres, warehouses, and more. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your commercial water meter installation meets industry standards and complies with all relevant regulations. 

Civil Plumbing

In addition to residential and commercial installations, SJM Plumbing also caters to the industrial and civil sectors. Whether you require water meter installation for industrial facilities, construction projects, or civil plumbing applications, our team has the expertise to handle large-scale installations efficiently and effectively. 

Body Corporate Services

At SJM Plumbing, we understand the unique needs of body corporate entities. We offer comprehensive water meter installation services for shared properties, strata complexes, and multi-unit buildings. Our team works closely with body corporate committees to ensure that the water meter installations are accurately implemented and meet the specific requirements of the property. 

SJM Plumbing Services

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